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Expelled from the national front, Jean-Marie Le Pen attacks daughter

The party's Executive Committee announced on Thursday the decision, after Jean-Marie Le Pen have insisted on keeping the statements of last April, when he reiterated that the gas chambers are a detail of World War II.

"Being pursued by the direction of the party that I founded and when the President of the party is my own daughter, it seems to me that scary," said indignantly, the 87-year-old politician, stressing that "the FN is me, in my house" FN.

Jean-Marie Le Pen to see if expelled from the party he founded in 1972, by the highest instance discipline of the national front. His successor in the party leadership made it clear that the public positions of the father became inevitable this measure.

For Marine Le Pen, are buried in the 2002 campaign, when the father celebrated a surprising electoral success. Jean-Marie Le Pen was able then to lead the party to election run-off against Jacques Chirac.

But today's daughter strive for the Presidency and the racist remarks of Daddy are a serious setback.

Tame the old patriarch can be more thorny task than Marine would wish. For now, the father did know that the expulsion does not prevent him from scoring presence in the summer University will mark the re-entry policy of FN, in Marseille, days 5 and 6 September.

Jean Marie LE PEN President of honour of Front National pic.twitter.com/PRokwQMM0A press release

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