quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2015

Fourteen arrested in the fight against terrorism in Spain and Morocco

The man arrested in the Spanish capital, of 30 years, Moroccan nationality and had a residence permit. Lived in the country for seven years and would make recruitment via the internet.

The arrests are part of a joint operation between the police authorities of the two countries will continue. For the Spanish interior minister all countries are under threat:

"In this, what we're facing is jihadist terrorism, international, which is relocated, so where are the arrests have a relative importance.

All countries are threatened by these barbarians. We have already said that this is not a religious war, is a barbarism against all who oppose this absolutely fanatical interpretation of Islam and that has nothing to do with real Islam. "

According to the Spanish Government, nearly 130 people left Spain to join the jihadists, about 25 have died.

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