domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Funeral of alleged Mafia boss awakens allegations of inability of authorities in Rome

To the rhythm of sound tax by the soundtrack to the film "the Godfather", on Thursday marched through the streets of the Italian capital 250 cars and a carriage pulled by six horses. More than 500 people will have traveled about 20 kilometers from without adequate control.

"This is our religion. Roma make funerals as well. His will was to have horses and fulfill this desire, "said Marco Spinelli, nephew of Vittorio Casamonica.

Spinelli and other two clan Casamonica elements are under house arrest, but that isn't stopping them from attending the funeral held in the Church of Don Bosco.

"It would have prevented five hundred Casamonica family elements? If he was the boss and did everything that you say, may I ask why you weren't in jail? "he asked the priest Giancarlo Manieri, who performed the ceremony.

The posters, with images of Vittorio Casamonica portrayed as a Pope, were posted the day before at Don Bosco Church which sparked criticism about connections to organized crime or the inability of the authorities to control the city.

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