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Iraq: United Kingdom extends military mission against the ISIL led by a woman

The Def Sec announcement on RoyalAirForceUK Tornado extension and more on today's blog <a href="http://t.co/sT5Va9S0GU">http://t.co/sT5Va9S0GU</a> <a href="http://t.co/WVYaTxV1iD">pic.twitter.com/WVYaTxV1iD</a><p>â€" Ministry of Defence (DefenceHQ) 4 agosto 2015

The extension of the Mission in Baghdad was confirmed by the British Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, in a message in which also revealed the continuation of training actions with the Iraqi military, denying, however, any deployment of British ground forces to the fight straight to the "jihadists".

"My visit here aims to reaffirm the support of the United Kingdom to Iraq. Let's assume great measures to strengthen our assistance in training Iraqi forces operating on the ground and also give training in disarmament, the biggest problem that has placed Iraqi forces. "

12 Squadron, the first to be led by a woman, the Wing Commander Nikki Thomas, account in the curriculum, only in Iraq, with more than 1100 missions, including 250 bombings, his specialty, and hundreds of surveillance operations on the areas controlled by ISIL.

Congrats â€" 1st female commander of RAF fast jet squadron â€" Wg Cdr Nikki Thomas http://t.co/y2SKrtCm3a pic.twitter.com/aP4oGyI9Ij

Nikki Thomas is an emblematic figure in the British air force. Degree in aeronautical engineering from Universidade Loughborough, joined the British air force in 2000 and has risen in the hierarchy.

Along with Lieutenant Juliette Fleming, was part of the first female crew to fly fighter jets, in case a Tornado GR4, in 2009, having collected countless hours of flight in combat missions in Afghanistan and was the first woman on the team Tornado GR4 to qualify as a weapons instructor.

In 2010, Nikki Thomas afatou the "cockpits" and joined the frames of the Ministry of defence. Got the diploma of Master of Arts (MA) in defence studies before starting to be trained for the role however.

In January this year, with 36 years and after hard training to prevent a possible capture, became the first woman to lead a squadron of RAF jet aircraft, taking charge of about 250 of underlings, including 30 of the best British fighter pilots. 12 squadron joined the "Shader Operation".

This week, Niki found out that will keep, interestingly, a year longer than provided for in the fight against the Islamic State group, an organization "jihadist who has kidnapped and made many women mere sex slaves.

Fellow lborouniversity <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/engineering?src=hash">#engineering</a> grad Nikki Thomas is now an <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/RAF?src=hash">#RAF</a> Tornado Squadron commander! <a href="http://t.co/Wlen1YVxmI">pic.twitter.com/Wlen1YVxmI</a><p>â€" RAF Engineering (RAF_Eng_Careers) 10 janeiro 2015

It is in use for more than 30 years; -The current model has been used since 1990; It is a two-seat combat aircraft that can operate at low altitude, day or night; -Uses a wide range of weaponry; -Includes the modern surveillance system RAPTOR; -Two engines Rolls-Royce RB 199Mk 103 turboprop; -The maximum speed is 1, 3Mach (1591 km/h); -The maximum altitude is 50 thousand feet (15,240 meters); -Wingspan: 8.6 metres; -Length: 16.7 m. -Height: 5.95 m. -Weight: 13,890 kg (maximum: 28,000 kg);

Source: RAF

The precision weaponry and surveillance technology make the Tornado in one of the most important air resources of the coalition led by the United States. "The RAF Tornado carried out hundreds of attacks, helping Iraqi forces to push the MOON out of the Kurdish region and of strategic cities like Tikrit or Bayji," Michael Fallon, in Baghdad, confirming the decision to "ensure the continuity of this crucial operation" to "prolong the lifetime of 12 Squadron for an additional year, until March 2017."

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