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Norway: False bomb alert and a security guard shot four years after Utoya

After a preliminary assessment, although the object being "obviously designed to look like a bomb" and "to create fear," probably did not contain "actual explosives," said Johan Fredriksen, Chief of police of Oslo, in press conference quoted by Spanish agency EFE.

Shooting and bomb scare at Oslo University. Too close to 22 7 and Utøya camp for comfort http://t.co/MLZaKjpB4R pic.twitter.com/XiZkMJBm23

The object was found this morning in the same location where a security guard had been shot hours before by two people. This first case flipped around before the local 03:00 (02:00, in Lisbon).

The officer was shot in the chest by one of five 22-caliber bullets fired, but received only minor injuries thanks to vest antibalas wearing, a security requirement after less than a year, has the same "campus" another attack with firearms.

According to the testimony of the officer, the man who fired was white, had 1.75 meters tall, spoke English and wore a Red cap and grey shoes.

About artifact suspect, police used remote-controlled robots to detonate. Several ambulances and fire trucks were mobilized to the site.

The authorities have banned the movement and uncontrolled aircraft, or "drones", a 3.7 km air perimeter around the University. After the controlled detonation, the security perimeter that had been imposed was lifted.

ALERT Oslo police enact a 2-mile no-fly zone near site of suspicious object at the University of Oslo â€" oslop... <a href="http://t.co/XxZIszIXHJ">http://t.co/XxZIszIXHJ</a><p>â€" AirLive.net (airlivenet) 5 agosto 2015

Police opened a criminal investigation for attempted murder for the attack on the guard, and took possession of the images of the surveillance cameras, which have not yet been analyzed.

Dozens of agents swept the area with dogs trained to find personal objects of the aggressors, having found a black coat that may belong to one of the attackers.

The island is preparing, interestingly, to welcome back next weekend the first youth camp of the Norwegian labour party since that massacre. More than 1000 young party members are subscribed, the leader of the Organization to highlight the record number of members as proof that young people don't labor got scared.

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