quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

Austria: Truck with young Afghans had welded doors

"The doors were welded and the Windows had bars. Could not leave alone-Thomas Keiblinger, Vienna "

The Austrian police released this Wednesday, pictures of the truck where, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, 24 rescued Afghan refugees.

This time, the worst has been averted. The truck caught the attention of the authorities when he tried to avoid a police operation.

Thomas Keiblinger, Vienna police, recalls how the stowaways were discovered: "it was awful. Were crowded, on top of each other and without any chance to open the door from the inside. The doors were welded and the Windows had bars. Couldn't leave alone. "

Inside, there were 24 Afghan teenagers, mostly boys, physically very debilitated.

As for the "driver jumped from the vehicle and fled", continues the same agent, who continues: "the police chased him and still shot, but he got away. Was the dog a policewoman who discovered the man, hiding. This is a Romanian, of 30 years, that, despite of resist, eventually be detained. "

In neighboring Hungary, however, were present in court the four men detained on suspicion of having participated in the transport of clandestine 71 found dead last week in a truck, also in Austria.

The victims, including eight women and four children, had Syria documentation.

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