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Migration: Over 2500 people landing in Athens on his way to the "European dream"

2500 more migrants or refugees arrived Monday in Piraeus, the main port of Athens, Greece. These people â€" 988 from the island of Samos and Mytilene 1512 â€" are part of another batch that survived the hardness of the Mediterranean and made it to the Greek Islands, where he received permission to board the "Venizelos", one of the "ferries" that in recent weeks has made the transfer of these migrants to Athens.

On Sunday, the Cypriot vessel "Tera Jet landed at Piraeus other migrant 1745 from Mytilene.

#migrants minutes after arriving on Greek island Lesbos. Turkish shore visible in background pic.twitter.com/6uJGdXoWml

According to the European Agency Frontex, this year alone have already arrived in Greece by sea, 167,000 migrants (Italy, by sea, reached 109,500).

So far this year, 167 000 #migrants arrived in Greece by sea. In all of 2014, 41 700 through all Greek borders. #PoseidonSea

The next scale of these people will be Macedonia and then Serbia. The international organization of migration estimates that every day between 1500 and 2000 people crossing these two Balkan countries to the controversial wall of barbed wire that is being raised by Hungary, on the border with Serbia, and whose first phase was completed on Saturday â€" the second in height, it is expected to end in November.

An est. 1,500-2,000 #migrants cross from Greece to Macedonia & on into Serbia every 24 hours http://t.co/JGp7Gpg7s2 pic.twitter.com/KpoZ3GZUj2

Many migrants are barred at the entrance in Hungary. Others are accepted as asylum seekers and taken to a special camp fitted in the locality of Roszke border, where must wait for a visa to move to Budapest, and there catch a train for Austria. Some can't handle waiting in Roszke, trying to pierce the police control and move clandestinely, sometimes using human trafficking networks.

Visit to Calais with Manuel Valls, Bernard Cazeneuve and Mr Dimitris Avramopoulos pic.twitter.com/pqqtPXIvpc

With the "28" at the gates of important meetings to try to find solution engagements between all Member States, Frontex estimates that only in July have reached the borders of the European Union more than 107,000 migrants or refugees and August will not have been different.

There have been 109,500 arrivals by sea to #Italy in 2015 â€" explore where http://t.co/13HylAjJaV #Mediterranean pic.twitter.com/racfFa0uIk

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