domingo, 13 de setembro de 2015

Russian involvement in the Syrian conflict is a strategy doomed to failure, says Obama

The u.s. President says that's going to involve Russia in efforts to put an end to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Obama's comments were made on the occasion of the celebrations of the September 11. Barack Obama claims to support Bashar al Assad is a strategic error.

"Let's involve them saying that Russia cannot continue to insist on a strategy that is doomed to failure. Can prevent reach a political solution needed to bring peace to Syria, "Obama said to an audience full of journalists and military personnel.

For the u.s. President, the escalation of the Russian presence in the Syrian conflict is a sign that President Assad would be concerned and hence the use of Russian advisers.

The United States and other Western countries are of the opinion that peace in Syria is only possible through the removal of President Assad.

Obama's comments coincided with an appeal launched by Russia on Friday in the direction of more military cooperation with the United States.

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