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Angola: Luaty and companions tried in November

The 17 activists, accused of preparing a coup d ' état in Angola, among them Luaty Beirão, will be judged between 16 and 20 November in the Provincial Court of Luanda.

Defense attorneys were notified this Monday. The information was confirmed to Euronews by relatives of the inmates.

Beyond the luso-angolano Luaty Beirão, without food for 30 days, there is another activist on hunger strike.

According to the website Maka Angola, Albano Bingobingo might be at risk of life. Less newsworthy, the case of Bingobingo can be more severe.

According to the website of the well-known human rights activist Rafael Marques de Morais, Bingobingo began the hunger strike 12 days ago but on Saturday (October 17) was in a holding room with about a hundred other inmates, only one common latrine and without medical attention.

As the Luaty, is still hospitalized at the private clinic, sunflower.

A group of Portuguese personalities today launched a petition demanding the Government "take a stand and publicly demand the immediate release" of the rapper luso-angolano Luaty Beirão.

"The singer and political activist Henry Luaty Beirão is, but it is also a Portuguese citizen illegally detained abroad. We know you're willing to give your life for causes like the freedom and justice. We also know that your death may be next, following his long hunger strike. It's constitutional, moral and ethical obligation of the Portuguese Government does not allow it to happen, "said the open letter addressed to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Rui Machete and the Portuguese Ambassador to Angola, João da Câmara.

The letter is signed by writers, filmmakers, actors, parliamentarians and party leaders, including Malik, the Left block and Rui Tavares, Free party.

Also this Monday and according to Portuguese radio TSF, it was revealed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal is to open contacts to get a date alone with luso-angolano citizen. During the week the rapper received the visit of some diplomats of the European Union and, in Lisbon, a small protest was held.

Among the 17 defendants, are the activists Count Rose and David George, who await trial in freedom.

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