quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015

Ban Ki-moon demands end to violence before surprise visit Israel and the Palestinian territories

"That's enough. Let's not mortgage the future of both peoples and the region. " This is the message that the Secretary-General of the United Nations wants to let the Israelis and Palestinians on a two-day surprise visit to the region.

In a video recorded before landing in Israel, Ban Ki-moon said that the UN will continue to support all efforts to create the conditions for a return to constructive negotiations. Let me be clear: the violence will undermine the legitimate Palestinian aspirations to build a State and the concerns for safety of Israelis ", he concluded.

With the public dissatisfied by how it has reacted to the latest wave of violence, Benjamin Netanyahu has returned once again the batteries against the President of the Palestinian Authority. "The other day, he (Abbas) said: ' I am pleased with each drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. Are these the words of a moderate? He glorifies these murders. He did not condemn any of 30 attacks against Israelis in the last month, "said the Israeli Prime Minister.

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