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Frontex: The criticism of the accuracy of the number of migrants arriving to the EU

According to Frontex, about 710 thousand migrants entered the EU in the first nine months of the year. But the agency admitted later that some migrants were counted twice: in the Greek border and at the time of re-entry into the European area, in Hungary or in Croatia, after the trip through the Balkans.

Nando Sigona, migration specialist at the University of Birmingham, accusing Frontex of lightness in the revelation of data, taking into account the impact of the figures from the public and political debate on migration.

The representative of the Agency explains that published the number of migrants who entered in Hungary, because it was the only way to account for people travelling towards the North and to the European Union through the Balkans.

The Hungary stated that, in September, 204 000 people crossed the border without the proper passport and visa, i.e., 13 times more than in the same period last year.

According to the UN agency, 588247 people arrived in the European Union by sea, between January and October. Frontex already accounted for about of 710 thousand entries in the borders of the EU between January and September.

As the UN High Commissioner for refugees does not provide the data of Hungary, data shows that Frontex accounted for over 119 thousand people.

In addition, the numbers of Hungary should be exempted from all citizens of the Balkan countries. Frontex has no specific numbers, but estimates that 30 000 Kosovars or Albanians entered the EU between January and June.

The numbers of the entries in the European Union can therefore also be overstated, since the data does not include migrants that passed without being detected, including those who arrived in Greece and were later carried to Italy by traffickers.

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