sábado, 17 de outubro de 2015

Perspectives: the Israeli-Palestinian violence by "eyes" Russians, Spaniards and Swiss

Elect reports from Russia, Spain and Switzerland to show how this historical conflict is being accompanied by the West to the East of Europe.

The old city of Jerusalem is under tight surveillance. The Interfaith revolt that arose in mid-September, along the Esplanade of the mosques in Jerusalem, due to the restrictions of access to imposed on Muslims, degenerated into October in violent clashes between Palestinians and the security forces of Israel and spread through the region. The Muslim side speak at a "third intifada". Isolated attacks against Jews there.

On Tuesday (13 October), two Palestinians attacked a bus in East Jerusalem, near the neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber Muslim. Killed a Jew and wounded at least 5 before being "neutralized" by the Israeli security forces. The Russia24 were at the scene. We show you in the video above.

At the same time that the political ground both sides accuse each other for the responsibility in the scale of violence on the ground the balance of victims is getting worse and, in terms of deaths, that's enough to 35 Palestinians and 7 Israelis.

A few minutes ago Damascus Gate #Jerusalen #Israel #Palestina pic.twitter.com/Lx42k44EFH

The Spanish public television spoke with Ã"scar Mijallo, corresponds to the channel in Jerusalem, and showed the report carried out after the attack on the knife of a Palestinian during a RAID of the Israeli security forces in Damascus Gate of the old city.

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