sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015

Russian Police seize Ukrainian literature

More than a dozen Russian armed police rode into a library in Moscow specializing in Ukrainian literature.

The police operation took place this Thursday and the authorities arrested the Director, Natalya Sharina, accusing it of incitement to racial hatred.

The authorities claim to have seized the still ranking as "anti-Russia policy propaganda".

Among the seized works include the books of Dmytro Korchinskiy, a Ukrainian nationalist author banned in Russia. One of the librarians says however that the works of this author does not belong to the library.

"I can't figure out who this is directed. Who works here is Russian and readers are Russian citizens. Perhaps due to our name the people think that this is a stronghold of anti-Russian sentiment in this country and that this was created by Ukrainian nationalists. Are completely wrong, "said Tatiana Muntyan, Librarian of the institution.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry issued a protest for the arrest of the Director stating that the Russian authorities are trying to classify all things Ukrainian as anti-Russian and extremist.

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