quinta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2015

United States and Hungary closed military exercise of double objective

Many other exercises of this kind, integrating military forces of members of the Atlantic Alliance, in particular the United States, have been happening in Eastern Europe since Russia stepped in last year in Ukraine's political transition, annexed the Crimea and contributed to the worsening of the conflict.

For brigadier general Hungarian Gábor Börondi, this type of exercises reflect, obviously, "a message". "All military exercises. When the crisis in Ukraine, Russia intervened and broke out all over the military conflict began, NATO began a series of maneuvers in Europe. The work of the u.s. armed forces with the Hungarian defence forces, and those of other countries, are part of these maneuvers, "said Börondi.

This operation in Hungary involved more than 900 military personnel and about 300 tecnológios equipment. More than the message against any aggressors from NATO member countries, ketaki-Hungarian will have this exercise had another purpose, as concludes our correspondent in Hungary, Beatrix Asboth:

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