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Woman runs over crowd, kills 4 people and injures 44 in College parade more

At least 4 people were killed, including a child of 2 years, and 44 were injured Saturday, after a woman driving a car into a crowd that watched the parade to welcome the University of Stillwater, Oklahoma, in the United States.

The driver was arrested by the police, identified and the photo was made available to the media. It's called Adacia Avery Chambers, has 25 years and is resident in Stillwater, Payne County, although on its Facebook page say be of Oologah, Rogers County, also in Oklahoma.

Adacia Chambers, 25, has been arrested for DUI in the OSU Homecoming Parade crash that killed 3 and injured dozens.

The local newspaper "Oologah Lake Leader" adds, in the digital edition, which Adacia Avery Chambers completed the route in school Ooolagah high school, in 2008, citing the book of honor of the graduates in the establishment. The same page ensures, after a search to digital records, the woman has no record in any of the 77 Oklahoma counties.

OSU tragedy touches Oologah

The woman is suspected of being the driving under influence of alcohol or drugs and there is information that it will be a student or employee of the University of Stillwater. Are, for now, the reasons that have led to "shoot" the car, a Hyundai Elantra 2014, first against a police bike parked without agent nearby and, later, against the crowd.

The accident happened by 10:30 local morning (4:00 pm in Lisbon), shortly after ³ s the band O-T have ended their displaying on the chart. "All members of the band are fine. They were at the beginning of the parade route and this was already near the end, "said Max Tanner, the responsible by the band.

Please pray for Stillwater OKðŸ'ðŸ¼

"The band was supposed to watch it later at the football game that integrates the celebration of µ s University welcome, but after everything that's happened and the State in which they were people with it, we decided it was better to our students and the band return to Oologah," added Tanner.

Of the 44 injured were 8 registered in critical condition and were evacuated from the site of Scorpian helicopter, ³ 9 have µ s serious injuries and the remaining 17 feature lighter injuries. "From beginning I thought it was part of the show," recalled one of the witnesses, Konda Walker, describing have seen after "people being thrown in the air almost 10 meters as if they were rag dolls."

Driver arrested on suspicion of DUI in OSU parade crash identified as Adacia Chambers, 25.

Dave Kapple was watching is standing with his son about 3 metres from the place hit by the car. "We heard someone yelling, ' watch out! ' The car ran over a police motorcycle and after the crowd had people flying all over the place, "reported Kapple. Another witness, Larry Smith, concludes: "everything I saw was bodies flying, children to fly. It was horrible! "

The Cowboy Family is with those affected by today’s tragic events. #StillwaterStrong #okstate

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