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Australia: Riot in immigration detention center on Christmas Island

The Australian authorities have tried this Monday, to face a mutiny in the detention center of Christmas Island. The staff of the Centre withdrew from the site, for security reasons, and are the detainees that control the Center.

Christmas Island detainee: ‘I feared for my life during riot’ https://t.co/dGmNdjCYZu

The riot broke out during a peaceful umanifestação after the unexplained death of an asylum seeker. The man, Iranian Kurd, was unable to escape from the Centre but was found dead at the foot of a cliff.

Australian migrant facility like a ‘war zone’ as refugees riot #ChristmasIsland https://t.co/D0mj9OKsc0 pic.twitter.com/dASRpaSNcW

Nakita Regan, who managed to send sms to the boyfriend, Ricardo Young, detained at the Center, says in a State of shock and afraid as much by her boyfriend and the other detainees, he adds, "you're not even supposed to be on this island".

For now, there does not appear to be injured or most important disorders, but Peter Dutto, Australian Minister of immigration, defender of a restrictive extremamte migration policy, warning: "If someone committed acts of vandalism, robberies or other criminal acts inside the detention centres, will face the force of law. But, for now, the priority is to restore order in the Center. "

Built in 2001, the detention center for immigrants has the capacity to accommodate 1200 people and is equipped with the most modern surveillance technology.

Inmates complain of poor living conditions in the Centre but the natural topography of the island, with its abrutas cliffs, is more of a deterrent to leak.

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