terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2015

France launches diplomatic offensive against terrorism

The France responds to attacks of Paris with a diplomatic and military offensive. The aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, symbol of the National Navy who left the port of Toulon on Wednesday arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean. From now on the warplanes are able to drop the first bombs about Daech positions and France will enhance significantly the attacks.

"I understand well that the countries do not share the same interests or vision, even allies. But what's at stake is for an end, annihilate an army that threatens the entire world, not just a few countries. "

David Cameron is expected today by François Hollande in the Elysee, should ensure the solidarity of the United Kingdom in the fight against Daech. British Prime Minister declared he would join the "Grand Coalition" requested by the French President, but must obtain a vote of Parliament authorising military cooperation.

Cameron is expected tomorrow, Tuesday in Washington by Barack Obama and Thursday in Moscow by Vladimir Putin.

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