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G20 focuses on strengthening cooperation to combat terrorism

"Combating the financing of terrorism will not eradicate terrorism per se."

Was in the luxurious tourist resort of Antalya, on Turkey, that the leaders of the 20 richest countries in the world have gathered for a Summit that lasted two days. At the G20 of international trade, employment policies, combating tax fraud. But it was the Paris attacks, on the eve of the meeting, that redefined the entire agenda.

The big absent was, without a doubt, the French President. François Hollande was replaced by the Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, whom the Turkish President presented the condolences. The G20 gathered Heads of State and Government of powers that have condemned the terrorism, recalling that the host country, Turkey, has experienced bloody episodes.

Islamic radicalism and the urgency of a solution for Syria prompted multiple bilateral meetings, such as which ran from u.s. Presidents, Barack Obama, and Turkish, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. "The conversation we had today was very productive to continue to coordinate the joint work that has been carried out to strengthen security on the border between Syria and Turkey, where the Daesh has operated. We will redouble efforts to, along with the other members of the Coalition, find a peaceful transition to Syria, "said Obama.

The emphasis was to strengthen the system of information on the movements of combatants and of the fight against the sources of terrorist financing, in particular through the freezing of assets. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said even if "only full cooperation in exchange of information on suspicious transactions can effectively put an end to the threat."

For Domenico Lombardi, of the reflection group Cigi, the focus must fall on policies to eradicate poverty and other causes of terrorism. "Combating the financing of terrorism will not eradicate terrorism per se, we have to boost resources to promote economic growth that will benefit more and more regions, more countries, more people", considers.

The European Union and the Turkish Government have pressed the G20 to take over the refugee crisis as a global problem. Oxfam was one of the organizations trying to drum up more financial support, not only for humanitarian assistance, but also for long-term projects around the Syrian refugees. "It is increasingly complicated reality of refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, where Oxfam works. In many cases, they are unable to obtain residence permit, nor have the right to a job. That's why we see more and more refugees to take the wrong step "Daniel Gorevan points, Member of this international platform.

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