segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2015

Pacifists demonstrate in Madrid and London against bombing in Syria

Approximately of 5000 people demonstrated in London, days before the decision could be submitted to Parliament by Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to a poll published in the Daily Mail, 49% of Brits prefer a diplomatic solution before extending the military operation of Iraq to Syria.

In London, the leader of the peace movement "Stop The War, she says.

"We are against David Cameron's plan to submit to the vote of Parliament the decision to bomb Syria. The bombings have already started over a year ago, carried out by major world powers, like the United States and Russia ".

The issue divides the Parliamentary Labour. Several members are opposed to the decision of the new leader of "Labour", the pacifist Jeremy Corbyn, voted against the bombing.

The memory of the war in Iraq also took thousands of Spaniards to manifest this Saturday in several cities against the country's participation in the international military coalition in Syria.

A protester says, "I'm here today because I don't like the war and I believe violence breeds more violence, and I don't think that violence is a way to solve the problems".

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