domingo, 1 de novembro de 2015

Russian plane: there might be survivors

There may be survivors in Russian plane crash in Sinai Peninsula. A group of Egyptian rescuers located the wreckage of the plane in a mountainous area in the region of Jabaliah and there will be reports from rescue teams for possible survivors, voices from the wreckage of the appliance.

After delays caused by bad weather, the rescue began in the area of Hasana 35 kilometres to the South of the coastal town of Al Arish.

A technical problem will have been on the rise since the fall of the Russian company airbus, KogalimAvia, that crashed this morning with 224 people aboard on Sainai peninsula.

Among the passengers, all of Russian nationality, are seven children.

Stay away for now the possibility of terrorist attack even though the unit was a zone of conflict against the Group Islamic State.

The crew of the plane claimed for months an inspection to the unit in service for 18 years, warning of engine trouble.

From Sharm el Sheikh and to Saint Petersburg the airbus has launched an SOS, 23 minutes after take-off.

A senior official of the airspace control authority, confirmed that the flight 9268 communication had been cut twenty minutes after the plane left the runway.

Egyptian Prime Minister "should meet with the departments and the competent authorities to control the situation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the dispatch of an aircraft to help relief efforts and the creation of a State Commission, while the Russian Prosecutor opens an investigation into the causes of the accident.

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