terça-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2015

Austria installs fence on the border with Slovenia

The Austria started to install a fence on the border with Slovenia. This is the first time that a similar structure is built on the line of separation between two signatory countries of the Schengen agreements. The 2 and 20 meters in height extends for 4 km. The Vienna Government reserves the right to extend the line for over two dozens of kilometres with barbed wire. The framework aims to enable better screening of refugees by the authorities.

A situation which of course in other countries. Macedonia two weeks ago that only allows the entry of refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The Greek section of Amnesty International denounces a discriminatory act.

A Moroccan migrant is in Idomeni line, in northern Greece, and says it has reached a point where we can no longer go back. "We have to move on â€" he insists â€" because everyone spent 2, 3 1000 euros to get here. It's not logical, if they want to stop us they do in Turkey, or in Greece. "

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