terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2015

China on orange alert because of pollution

The city of Beijing woke up for the second straight day wrapped in a cloud of smoke.

The high levels of pollution have led China to enable the Orange alert-the second most serious â€" on the eve of the launch of the climate summit in Paris.

The population is the first to feel the effects of this cloud of smoke that should remain until tomorrow.

"As you can see the city of Beijing is covered in smoke. We have a lot of difficulty breathing and there is a sense of discomfort in the throat when we got up in the morning. The throat feels scratchy and our breathing is being greatly affected "refers to Zhang Heng, Chinese student living in Beijing.

Pollution are associated with heart disease and respiratory diseases.

The level of pollution exceeds in almost 20 times the levels considered acceptable by the World Health Organization.

"My daughter cough and have difficulty breathing" stresses Liu Liangliang, resident in Shanghai.

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