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NATO's expansion to the Balkans Russia nervous

The beginning of the accession negotiations is a landmark decision for that Montenegro become the 29 member reminded the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg who welcomed the new future Member.

"NATO membership is good for Montenegro, is good for Europe and good for the entire Alliance. So once again, welcome. "

Igor Luksic, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Montenegro considers the invitation encouraging: "I believe this invitation is a great encouragement to all countries aspiring to join NATO and is good news especially for the Western Balkans, because other Western Balkan country as part of NATO means a strong stand for the security and stability of the entire region".

The "open door policy" of NATO is entered in his treatise of Foundation, which ensures be willing to integrate "any State which is in a position to comply with the principles of the Treaty and contribute to security in the North Atlantic area".

At the last NATO Summit, held in Wales in 2014, Allied leaders asked for a decision on the accession of Montenegro in this meeting of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs.

From now will begin the negotiation of the Protocol of accession, with the "full integration" taking place only six to nine months later, according to diplomatic sources.

Montenegro is a candidate country, which joined the Association for the peace of the Alliance in 2006 â€" the year in which broke away from Serbia-and which was later invited into the membership action plan in 2009.

The last countries to join NATO were to Albania and Croatia in 2009, which had been invited at the Bucharest Summit in April 2008.

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