terça-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2015

Public tornadoes Vichy documents

The history of French collaboration with the nazis during the second world war, can now be known by all in greater depth, thanks to the opening of the files of the Vichy regime. With the decree signed by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, tens of thousands of documents, so far considered secret, will be able to be consulted by the public.

"If there is something on which we can move forward, is no doubt aware of the collaboration, almost military, between the French and the Germans. Above all, the collaboration practised by bigger defenders of Nazism and fascism in France, working within the German structures ", says the historian Denis Peschanski.

The files made public now relate to legal proceedings, but also to the militia, the police force created by the Vichy regime.

The Marshal Petain ruled the French part that wasn't occupied directly by the Germans between 1940 and August 1944. The collaborationist regime was responsible for numerous war crimes, including the mass deportation of Jews.

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