quarta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2015

Trump accused of incitement to racial hatred

"Donald Trump sounds like a Chief of a band of vigilantes"

Donald Trump's statements fell like a bomb within the Muslim community of the United States. The Executive Director of the Council for American-Islamic relations, a pressure group based in Washington, reacted strongly:

"This is shocking coming from someone who intends to take the stand higher in the hierarchy of the nation. Is reckless and simply UN-American. Donald Trump sounds more like a Chief of a band of vigilantes than a great nation like ours. He, and others like it, are playing into the hands of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. "

Nihad Awad goes further and accuses the billionaire and another opponent in the race for Republican nomination of incitement to racial crime.

"It's not just about words. Trump and Carson, to become widespread Islamophobia during the campaign, are inciting discrimination and racial attacks against Muslims and mosques. This inflamed rhetoric is endangering the lives of millions of Muslim Americans and those of their children. "

According to the Organization, the number of incidents grew in recent weeks and the Attorney-General, Loretta Lynch, said he feared more attacks for days against the Islamic community than the terrorist attacks.

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