sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2016

French public prosecutor investigates accident in Deux Alpes

A day after the tragic avalanche in French Deux Alpes station, near Grenoble Valley that killed two students and a Ukrainian skier, there are many questions about the origin of the events.

"It's a matter of individual liberty, I'm not sure we can control everything, make a parallel with the speed limit; the speed is limited on the freeway but there are people who circulate the 180 kilometres. "

The weather conditions in which the tragedy unfolded were bad and they kept, this Thursday, where the avalanche risk is still level four on a scale of five.

The reporter was confirmed: "the weather was conducive to avalanches?

"The sky was blue, so I'd invite to ski. We can compare the mountain with the sea. Often the mountain looks quiet, but the risk is there. “

An accident that didn't go unnoticed to other skiers. "Are you afraid of skiing today?" "If you get on the track closed is evident is a huge risk. But let's take the open ".

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