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How much is worth a nomination at the Oscars?

We use as a basis the films nominated, in 2015, for the Academy Award for best picture.

"American Sniper", the film about a sniper special forces of the u.s. Navy in Iraq, won 317 million euros after a nomination for the Oscar. A record since 1982, according to Box Office Mojo.

The film also grossed the largest proportion of the profits after the appointment. Managed to 90.4% of revenues after joining the list in the race to the Oscars. Surpassed "00:30 dark hour", named in 2012, which had obtained 90.2 per 100.

But the commercial success of "American Sniper didn't sway the judges. The Academy Award for best picture went to "Birdman or (the unexpected Virtu e of ignorance)" by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Clint Eastwood's film is also atypical among the nominated films from 2014. As "Selma" (with 63.4%), "American Sniper" held most of the gate receipts after the disclosure of the list of candidates for the Oscar.

"Birdman or (the unexpected Virtue of ignorance)", "Boyhood", "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and the "theory of everything" performed, all more than half of revenue before the appointment. That rare, "Boyhood" (96.1%) and "The Grand Hotel" (99.6%) Budapest held almost all recipes before the disclosure of the list.

"Birdman or (the unexpected Virtue of ignorance)" received 4.21 million, equivalent to 10.8% of global revenue, after winning the Oscar for best picture. Bu t, curiously, was "Whiplash-Ranging" who had the best performance, in terms of proportion of total revenues, after the award (best supporting actor). Got 13.5 percent of the total.

"Birdman or (the unexpected Virtue of ignorance)" followed the trend of winners of the Academy Awards since 2004. Most of the films grossed more money sooner than after receiving the prize. Only "The Artist" and "Million Dollar Baby â€" broken dreams" were exceptions.

A study by the American professor Randy Nelson reveals that the Academy Award for best picture adds, on average, 15.4 million to the revenue of the winning film.

Patricia Cardoso (translation)

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