sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2016

Ramadi: Iraqi forces try to ' clean ' jihadist resistance

Supported by aerial, Iraqi armed forces seek to ' clean ' the pockets of resistance from Ramadi, after they regained the city the Group Islamic State two weeks ago.

20% in town is still under control of the jihadists.

"As you know the roads are filled with bombs. We are supported by Iraqi and coalition aircraft, we have coverage of Aviation of the army, air force and of the coalition. Thanks to God, we will continue to move forward and will not retreat. The province of Anbar will be returned to his people and now we are in the center of Ramadi, "said a senior officer of the police.

Several other cities are still under the control of the self-proclaimed Islami c State, particularly Mosul, considered the main jihadist bastion.

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