terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

Taxi drivers are protesting against the Hungarians Uber

The conflict with the Uber returned to paralyze a European capital. This time it was in Budapest that the taxi drivers protested against the American company and its software application that allows users to find a particular vehicle with a driver. More than 100 taxi drivers blocked the center of the capital of Hungary. "Now we have reached a point where the company called Uber became so strong that it takes us about half, or more, of the taxi races" â€" denounces one of the participants.

During the morning a delegation of taxi drivers moved to the town hall where left a petition to ban Uber and all similar applications. But the local authority says that the matter is out of their jurisdiction.

The taxi drivers don't disarm and ensure: "we wi ll continue the protest until the Uber disappear from Hungary"-exclaims one of the members of the delegation.

Budapest has about 5000 drivers and the number of drivers of Uber climbed the 200 to 1200 in 2015. The technology says it is negotiating with the Hungarian Executive because you want to "modern rules to deal with the positive effects of new technologies".

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