quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2016

USA doubt the hydrogen bomb of North Korea

The United States doubt the veracity of the hydrogen bomb test announced by North Korea.

Pyong Yang claimed to have carried out the explosion that is more powerful than an atomic bomb. He also said stopping the miniaturization technology that lets you put a nuclear device in missiles.

The rain of criticism fell on all sides, including Russia and China. The Chinese, the biggest allies of Pyong Yang, announced even that would make it official a protest

But Washington doubt that it was a test of a hydrogen bomb, despite an earthquake in the region.

The White House spokesperson Josh Earnest explained. "This is a serious matter. We had a first analysis and the events that occurred are not consistent with the North Korean claims of a test with a hydrogen bomb occurred in the last 24 hours, which forced the United States to change the assessment of military capabilities and techniques of North Korea, "he said.

The South neighbor believes that the magnitude of the explosion was identical to the previous atomic test in 2013.

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