quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2016

A wave of refugees and volunteers in Lesbos

The Italian coast guard rescued more 91 migrants during three different interventions of the European Agency Frontex in the Eastern Aegean Sea.

One of the operations, off the Greek island of Samos, allowed to recover with 18 people life of Afghan and Pakistani nationalities, as well as two dealers of Turkish origin.

Since the beginning of the year to 319 refugees died during the crossing of the Aegean Sea.

The Greece continues to be the main gateway of refugees in the European Union, when it hosted more than 70 1000 people this year.

A situation that has made the island of Lesbos in one of the main destinations of another stream, of the approximately 40 1000 volunteers from humanitarian organisations

EMA of the Starfish Foundation, "says:" we had to expand quickly to respond to this situation. First the Organization was out of locals and after tourists. But after the end of the tourist season we had to seek external support and that's how we decided to create this Foundation.

Sakib, a volunteer from Bahrain, said: "we find that the language is a barrier when the refugees come to this island, and we're here to guide them and help them obtain food and clothing".

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