quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2016

Austria reinforces border control to curb entry of migrants

The Austria will tighten control on the border soon to stem the entry of more migrants. The Austrian target are 12 points on the borders with Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

The Government also wants to limit the daily quota entry of asylum seekers for a number to be determined after consultation with Slovenia. For the next four years 2016-2019, Austria intends to limit the 1.5 per 100 of its total population (approximately 8.5 million inhabitants) the number of asylum seekers entering the country.

#Austria more border checks and fences will stem #refugee wave, says Chancellor Faymann https://t.co/xOr2kp7jdW pic.twitter.com/ZdFkbdsxI8

The Austrian Minis ter of the Interior, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, conservative OVP party, was this Tuesday in Spiefeld, on the border with Slovenia, and stressed that the main concern is to "restore order and stability" in the country.

The coalition between Social Democrats and conservatives established in January a 37500 share of asylum seekers to the year 2016. In 2015, the country welcomed 90000.

For those who are worried, in Austria, that these new measures represent another step towards a possible suspension of the Schengen Agreement by the country itself. "For the Austrian transport sector, the worst scenario would be the closure of the Schengen borders in Austria. That decision could cost us more than eight million euros a day, "warned Alexander Klacska, President of the federal Division of commercial transport.
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