quarta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2016

Bad weather spoils the Carnival

In the Bay of Biscay and English channel, winds with gusts that reached 155 mph and strong maritime agitation left large parts of coastal regions under Orange alert.

In Asturias, Spain, a lap child was torn from the arms of his grandfather by a wave on the beach of Navia and is reported missing. The grandfather and the father got out of the sea and were transported to the hospital in shock.

From Galicia to Lisbon, the Orange alert was decreed by the end of Tuesday morning and minitornados scared the population and did damage in the region of Pontevedra.

Yesterday in Paris, the wind down a billboard that hit two people. A woman was hospitalized in a coma and t he authorities are now checking the safety of all ' billboards ' in the capital. 22 French departments are under Orange alert, most on the coast.

In the United Kingdom, a person has been missing since Sunday. The wind laid down trees and caused some material damage.

Photo taken at 8am of a wave breaking over the pier behind @PorthcawlRNLI. #StormImogen Credit: Steve Jones pic.twitter.com/cOWEda0TcU

In Bristol, an apartment was hit by a tree and a resident says he only escaped serious injury because he wasn't at the window reached by ramos.

She packed quite a punch yesterday…#StormImogen pic.twitter.com/mM0zahnoUs

The waves came through the 19 meter:

Wave height of 19.1m has been recorded off the coast of St Ives #StormImogen

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