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Bashar al-Assad branded Syria legislative election for April 13

The legislative elections takes place four years after the last, as the Constitution, revised in February of the same year. In the call to the polls of May 7, 2012 51.6 per 100 of the more than 10 million voters will have exercised the right to vote, giving the Progressive National Front Alliance, led by the Ba'ath party, of the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the victory, with 168 (67.2 per 100) of 250 seats that make up the so-called people's Assembly.

The speaker ("speaker") of the Syrian Parliament left once again, as since 1973, from within the Ba'ath party and the choice fell on Mohammad Jihad al-Laham.

In June 2014, the Syria lived the last election act in a country, then, already at war for 3 years. Were the presidential and Bashar al-Assad was elected with 88.7 per 100 of recorded votes for a third term at the helm of the country. Now, the United States argued that it's time to cede power to democracy Assad, with Russia to defend the legitimacy of the current Syrian head of State.

In December, a resolution of the UN Security Council asked for legislative and presidential elections within 18 months, within the framework of a new Constitution for the country and controlled by the UN.

Assad calls parliamentary elections for April 13 https://t.co/kv1DTLb4eY

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