quarta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2016

China: 2910 million estimated travel for the new year

In Guangzhou, in the South of the country, 100,000 people are blocked by train delays due to bad weather.

For most people, the holiday season means family reunion. In Shanghai, a man explains that he feels "lack of wife and son" and adds that "the last time" they returned home "was in October" and now just thinking of going back again.

Also some people wait for homecoming this year, bring some luck.

Inside a train, a passenger says back to hometown "looking for work. That's the goal this year ". If you don't, you will have to leave behind her husband and children.

In the migration pe riod intrafronteiras, which lasts from 24 January to 3 March, the Chinese authorities estimate that will be performed million trips, 2910 primarily by train.

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