domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Jean-Claude Juncker: agreement guarantees mutual respect between the Member States

The agreement reached in Brussels with a view to the maintenance of the United Kingdom in the European Union has given rise to various reactions.

For the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, this was a victory that complains to the United Kingdom a special status within the Union.

To the President of the European Commission, it is to ensure the mutual respect between the Member States.

"We need a strong euro area as we need a strong City of London. The agreement now reached ensures mutual respect between all Member States regardless of make or not part of the euro. One of our greatest achievements, the single market, which serves about 500 million of people , remains intact ".

The Germany was one of the countries that was present early in the negotiations between London and the rest of the 28.

"We have different opinions on the future of the European Union, the progressive political integration is not something wanted by Britain. This is an area where we think differently but still we have shown flexibility ".

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