domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

Syria: Aleppo Inhabitants skeptical about application of the ceasefire

A few hours of the announced ceasefire in Syria, Aleppo residents were skeptical about its real application.

Neither population nor members of the army, which controls part of the city, are optimistic.

"Most can respect the ceasefire but not all the parties will make. The scheme will respect. Tonight the Truce to be effective, but the jets still in heaven and that is why not all the parties will respect ", foretells Abu Hussein, a resident of Aleppo.

"The truce was invented by the regime, because the terms are favorable to the regime-but are not favourable to the Syrian people. We're not expecting this to be the beginning of the end of the crisis, "Abu Mohammad, Syri a free Army fighter.

EXCLUSIVE - RT explores the front of #Alep line prior to the entry into force of the ceasefire

The cease-fire applies only to areas of the country not controlled by the Islamic State, which means that in cities in the region of Aleppo as Minbej and Al-Bab the fighting will continue.

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