segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016

UN Security Council promises to strengthen sanctions on North Korea

The UN Security Council "strongly condemned the launch" of a fogetão announced by North Korea, which the international community suspects is a new ballistic missile test.

According to the United Nations, the North Korean firing resorted to "ballistic missile technology," which constitute a "dangerous and serious violation" of UN resolutions.

The release announced by Pyonyang is seen as a new challenge to the international community, after the nuclear test of 6 January, and threatens to strengthen the tensions on the Korean peninsula.

South Korea's Ambassador to the UN said that North Korea "has made an explicit statement to the world: that is determined to c ontinue to challenge the community of Nations and threaten world peace and security, which is scandalous and unacceptable".

Despite reticence from China, an ally of Pyongyang, said Security Council willing to "quickly adopt a new resolution to strengthen sanctions against the North Korean regime.

The Ambassador of the United States at the United Nations said it will try to "with all members of the Council, join in a quick and aggressive response to the repeated violations of the North Coreira, which constitute a threat to peace and direct enough global security".

The regime of Kim Jong-Un stated that the launch which provoked international anger aimed to "put into orbit a Land observation satellite, which Pyongyang said was done" with success, "Although there is currently an independent confirmation.

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