quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

United Kingdom: Country "will have more success in a Europe reformed"-David Cameron

"" Britain can have the best of both worlds "-David Cameron"

David Cameron defended this morning in the British Parliament that the United Kingdom while staying in the European Union will get "the best of both worlds", after approved reform proposals from London.

The Prime Minister said that the country "will have more success in a reformed Europe".

"If we remain, Britain will be there, to control the budget, move away from unnecessary legislation and ensure that the commitments which we have ensured in these negotiations are completed, thus ensuring that Britain may have the best of both worlds", says David Cameron.

For the workers ' party leader and defender of staying in the European Union, Jeremy Corbyn, the proposed agreement by Cameron is empty and is nothing but noise.

"We believe that the Prime Minister has been negotiating the wrong targets, wrongly, for the wrong reasons. Despite all this noise, the Prime Minister is over, exactly, where he knew he would end up: defending the permanence in Europe, that was always his goal, despite the spectacle of negotiation, choreographed for the television cameras, the whole continent ", accuses Corbyn.

The main British newspapers don't save David Cameron, some calling the proposed agreement of "farce", "joke" and "illusion".

The Prime Minister's ta sk to convince the British to vote on staying in a "reformed Europe", in the referendum, troubled.

The ballot may be scheduled for June 23, there is no date confirmed yet.

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