domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2016

Zimbabwe: Mugabe declares "State of catastrophe" because of the drought

Almost two and a half million people require food aid.

The drought did lose to 75 percent of corn crops planned for the first half of the year and more than 16 1000 head of cattle died in recent weeks.

The Government has asked for a loan of 200 million dollars to import food but need more help.

How do you explain the World Food Programme (WFP) in the country, Eddie Rowe, "to declare that such as a calamity situation and showing clear evidence of the impact that will have on the lives of the people, Zimbabwe and the region" are in a position where "donors and the international community can recognize they have a problem on our hands."

With the Declaration of natural calamity, international donors may begin to raise money to provide food aid to Zimbabwe. To avoid famine Harare authorities have planned to buy up to 700 1000 tonnes of maize to help the population to survive this it already is considered the worst drought of the past 25 years in the country.

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