quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016

Brussels: Witnesses include moments of panic at the airport

"Everyone ran and did the same: I started running."

They were about 8 a.m., when the almost simultaneous explosions devastated the area of the check-in terminal of the Brussels Airport.

Most of the victims injuries on her legs, presents which suggests that one of the bombs was found at ground level.

An eyewitness account: "there were three conflagrations. There was an explosion right above our heads. We saw the wall split, there were pieces that fell. The second was much stronger in less than 15 seconds. We started running for the door and heard a third explosion. The glass exploded. There was black smoke and after we had children. Some airline staff were injured, the people left. In front of me there was a lady with injuries ".

The Windows and part of the roof of the terminal are destroyed. One of the explosions have occurred near a Bank and another near a cafe in the terminal.

This was followed by moments of panic, as one of the people heard by the airport: "When the bus door opened I heard a huge explosion. When I left, I saw glass falling everywhere and people running. At that moment, I was in shock. At first I thought it was a gas explosion. But then I saw all the military at the airport. Everyone ran and did the same: I started running ".

According to witnesses, before the explosions were shouted phrases in Arabic.

The federal prosecutor said that at least one explosion was caused by a suicide bomber.

The journalist Julian Gomez explains that "almost 3 hours after the first explosion, ambulances and police vehicles continued to arrive at the airport. There is a safety cord nearly two kilometers from the terminal, where passengers continue to arise in a State of shock ".

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