domingo, 20 de março de 2016

End of the line for the most wanted man in Europe

Salah Abdeslam was the only survivor among the performers of the day November 13 bombings in Paris and was, since that time, the most wanted man in Europe.

It is known that was probably responsible for the logistics of the attacks. It was he who, in a black Renault Clio left the Stade de France three terrorists that would eventually do explode. It was the same car that went through a service station near Paris two days before the attacks, in the company of an accomplice. The images taken by the surveillance cameras of this station are the latest of Abdeslam.

Who were the terrorists? Everything we know about the Isil attackers

It is kno wn that this car was abandoned in the French capital and who asked the two accomplices in Belgium that came to pick up. Unlike others implicated in the attack, including his brother Brahim, Salah Abdeslam wanted to escape with his life and not set off the explosives belt he had with him. Was left on the morning of 14 November, in the District of Schaerbeek in Brussels and, since then, had never been seen.

The news of the capture of Abdeslam was given, on Twitter, by Belgian Minister of immigration, Theo Francken, with a simple phrase: "we got him".

Deal is around.

#Salah Abdeslam, the man who is seen as a coward by the terrorists, and as a terrorist by the rest of us, is arrested alive ofcourse. #Loser

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