quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Greece desperate with the migratory flow

The small village of Greek Idomeni line, on the border with Macedonia, only 154 inhabitants and facing one of the worst humanitarian crises.

In the main field, with capacity for 2000 people, accumulate more than 7000 and the flow does not stop. Since the Balkan countries decided to filter the entries in their respective territories, the situation is getting worse every day.

"To get water have to pass four or 5 hours in a queue. Here are 7000 people and there's only a point of distribution of food and water, "complains a refugee of Aleppo.

The Greek Government states that does all it can and that the army is fully mobilized in this crisis, feeding daily about of 2000 people.

According to the UN, about 24 1000 migrants are currently blocked in Greece, but the Athens Government estimates that by the end of March will be between 50 and 70 1000 and sent to Brussels a SOS for 480 million euros of financial aid.

Macedonia is the first barrier in the path of the Balkans, where the States were progressively limiting the thousands who want to reach the countries of Northern and Central Europe.

On Monday, this small country on the border with the European Union missed 300 Iraqis and Syrians. Galvanised by this passage, hundreds of others â€" men â€" women and children tried to pass by the force, having been caught by security forces and dispersed with tear gas.

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