quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2016

Idomeni line: the end of the European dream for thousands of migrants

Shortly before midnight in Idomeni line. The refugees are waiting for the green light, are next in line to cross the border into Macedonia. The door is only a few meters, but they don't know when or if the guards will open it.

"I want to go to Germany, my husband is there...", says a woman â€" He is in Germany? â€" "Yes". -Are you pregnant? â€" "Yes. Nine months pregnant ".

Many know well that will still spend many nights in Idomeni line. That's why we are fighting to get some food and clothes.

The voluntary, Marilena Zarfdjian, can't contain the tears when he talks about the drama of refugees: "I can't even say ... are human. We live in our comfort in our ho mes. Of course we have our problems and we have an economic crisis, but they cannot survive ".

Even during the night, volunteers from Thessaloniki distribute food to the refugees. Daily rent a truck and come get what people give them.

"As human beings, we need to come to Idomeni line help these people in distress. Are exhausted and are retained here waiting for open borders. Some have already arrived a fortnight ago. Have nothing to eat, "says Dimitris Papageorgiou

Hunger is not the only enemy. The bad weather, with intense rain, which forces them to sleep in the mud, is the most visible of the drama. But, the only thing I ask is for authorization to cross the border and continue the path.

"This is very bad. It's raining, it's all very dirty. We are very tired and we have no food, "complains a woman, adding:" we want to go to Germany, to Germany ".

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