terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016

Kurdish new year with national security measures and killed in Turkey

In Turkey, the Kurdish celebration of the beginning of the year with the annual Spring festival, Newroz, was marred by the death of 4 Turkish soldiers in a rebel attack in Nusaybin, close to the border with Syria.

#Newroz #Kurds #Turkey celebrations in Diyarbakir #AFP Photo by pironic2121 <a href="https://t.co/7CYmk6U81S">pic.twitter.com/7CYmk6U81S</a><p>â€" Aurelia BAILLY (AureliaBAILLY) March 21, 2016

At a time when the President Tayyip Erdohan if says willing to use all the military power of the country to crush terrorism in Newroz heard appeals to peace negotiations between Kurdish militants and the Government, by the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party, Selahattin DemirtaÅŸ: "of course war, clashes and deaths are no t a normal situation to which we should get used to. What really matters is to insist on peaceful ways and methods to solve the Kurdish problem. "

The Southeast Turkish, Kurdish majority, has been witnessing an escalation of violence after the collapse in July, the ceasefire of two and a half years, between the Government of Ankara and the Kurdish separatists.

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