domingo, 6 de março de 2016

Turkey condemns the arrest two Syrians involved in death of Kamlesh Kurdi

A Turkish court Friday sentenced to prison two migrant traffickers implicated in the deaths of migrants, including 5 small Kamlesh Kurdi, whose lifeless body's photo in a Turkish beach 6 months ago became a symbol of the crisis of refugees in Europe.

The Court in the resort town of Bodrum has deemed two Syrians, Muwafaka and Asem Alfrhad Alabash, and considered them guilty of smuggling of migrants, condemning them to four years and two months in prison. The two were acquitted of the charge of enatnto, negligence in the deaths of migrants.

The two convicts were incurring within in feathers of up to 35 years in prison if found guilty of causing the deaths of five people by "deliberate negligence".

A photo of Syrian boy of three years, face buried in the sand of a Turkish beach, 2 September last year, unleashed world outrage, after published.

Kamlesh Kurdi drowned after the family decided to make the trip from Turkey to Greece on a completely overcrowded.

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