segunda-feira, 14 de março de 2016

Turkey: explosion in downtown Ankara kills 34

In Turkey, an explosion in the center of the capital, Ankara, caused at least 34 dead and 125 injured, 19.

According to the authorities, the explosion would have been caused by a car bomb.

The Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu has already summoned an emergency meeting of the Security Council.

According to a police officer, several shots would have been heard after the detonation of the explosive device, which detonated was heard to truly 2.5 away, according to a witness.

More information that a court in Ankara ordered the ban on access to social networks like Facebook a nd Twitter after images of the bombing have been shared in these social networks.

The incident occurred in the city center, in Guvenpark, a place where a transport Center and near the Parliament and other military and Government buildings.

According to the Turkish authorities, preliminary investigations suggest that the Sunday attack would have been organized by extremist Kurds of the PKK or an affiliate group.

The main Kurdish party, the HDP, have condemned the attack.

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