sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

Turkey will not readmit migrants that are already in Greece

The Turkey will not readmit migrants that are already in the Greek Islands. The accuracy was underlined by the Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Volkan Bozkir, a reference to the draft agreement between the European Union and Ankara.

With the borders of Balkan route countries closed to people without documents and authorization, migrants accumulate on Greece. Only in the field of Idomeni line are approximately 35 1000 people awaiting green light in order to proceed to the heart of the European continent.

The agreement drafted at the Summit of the 28 Member States with the Turkish Prime Minister has not been welcomed by the European Parliament. MEPs accused national leaders of bowing to blackmail of Ankara.

With the possibility of migrants to seek other paths, several countries are on alert, as Hungary, that strengthened border security with Croatia and Serbia.

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