quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2016

France: Association of victims of paedophilia demands resignation of Catholic Bishop of Lyon

Was with scepticism and expectation that the Association "La Parole Libérée", based in Lyon and chaired by François Devaux, 37 years, alleged victim of a pedophile priest, reacted to the announced measures, this Tuesday, by the French bishops ' Conference to combat paedophilia.

"The measures appear to be good, which proves that there is a real trend, but I think it was skipped several steps. Even if the decisions are good still lack a lot "said Devaux. And one of them, the priority is the Bishop of Lyon: "what I hope, immediately, is that Barbarin is fired. Already in Office for 15 days, a fortnight. This man must resign and until you do, the Church will not have our confidence. "

Devaux accuses the Vatican and all the Bishops of ignoring allegations that have been made by his Association: "I tried to get in touch with the Papal Nuncio and tried to get in touch, at least five times, with the Vatican. There hasn't been a cardinal to answer the phone, even though I have explained all the Secretaries that this case would be a real trauma to this institution. There are decisions that are necessary to ensure that the trust can be retrieved. And then will come the actions, which are very good in principle. But to be credible, there has to be trust.

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