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Macedonia: President suspends investigation against politicians and the EU don't like

The decision announced Tuesday by the President of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to interrupt an ongoing lawsuit over illegal wiretapping, involving several politicians on Tuesday prompted a protest by hundreds of people. The European Union, to which this former Yugoslav Republic hopes to join, has expressed distaste for Gjorge Ivanov decision, however already published in the Official Gazette, and calls for respect for the Przino agreement.

Pardons granted to Gruevski, Mijalkov, Crvenkovski, Jankuloska and others… https://t.co/zf8oo09VXj #Macedonia pic.twitter.com/aCNmMVGyad

The Office of the President came even to be targeted with eggs by protesters. A few dozen demonstrators focused, on the other hand, with the Office of the Special Prosecutor leading the investigation, to express support for the work done and now suspended by the head of State.

At issue is a case of illegal wiretapping more than 20000 people, involving ministers and journalists. Implicated in the case and accused Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of attempting to blackmail, is Zoran Zaev, the leader of the Social Democratic Union (SDSM, the acronym), the opposition, and a ex-responsável of intelligence, Zoran Verusevski, who denounced the illegal wiretapping scheme allegedly ordered by the head of Government.

President #Ivanov’s remarks in full https://t.co/3FRV6RmhFX

It was established between June 2 and July 15 last year between the main parties of Macedonia, with the mediati on of the European Union, after the protests began in may, against the Executive of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. The agreement included the input of Social-Democratic Union a new Transitional Executive, the Prime Minister's resignation, new elections this year and the investigation of illegal wiretaps crew led by a special prosecutor.

The President claimed to be essential to put an end to the political crisis in Macedonia, what the Przino agreement mediated by the EU, was not considered. The opposition criticized the decision. The leader of the Democratic Union for integration, the largest ethnic Albanian Party in Macedonia, argues that the suspension of the process was "hasty", "thoughtless" and "will not solve anything". Ali Ahmeti called for intervention by the European Commission.

US Embassy: Ivanov h as raised serious concerns over the rule of law https://t.co/yuWXILbJWN #Macedonia pic.twitter.com/Qw2lmifIRw

With early legislative elections for June 5 due to the resignation in January of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, the responsible for the enlargement of the European Union, to which Macedonia hopes to join, has criticized the President's decision-ready Ivanov and express the concern of Brussels. Johannes Hahn is concerned that the suspension of the process would be contrary to law enforcement.

"In light of these developments, I have serious doubts that the accomplishments of credible elections is still possible. Political leaders need to understand that actions such as those we have seen recently put at risk the Euro-Atlantic future of your country, "said Hahn via Twitter, stressing:" Democracy means commitment and serve the citizens. I appeal to all political parties to return to the negotiating table and work in the reforms. "

“#Skopje: Today’s actions of President #Ivanov are not in line with my understanding of #rule of law. 1/4

At night, the European Commission issued a statement to the same effect, calling on all parties to find a way to preserve the Przino agreement. "It is important to support the work of the Special Prosecutor and his team established by Parliament as part of the Przino to continue to investigate the serious problems revealed last year. It is also important to prepare credible elections and keep the country in the Euro-Atlantic path, "said a spokesman of the" 28. "

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